Some brethren, LAUTECH students divinely met at the MFM Ogbomosho branch from the years 2000/2001. They soon started praying together and trusted GOD for a campus fellowship on campus.

First, there was House fellowship on Sunday evenings to MFM Ogbomosho at Masifa Primary School, Sabo, Ogbomosho from 2001 to 2002. Midweek campus fellowship started with Bible study on Wednesdays, later weekly Prayer meeting started on Fridays and soon a monthly vigil started as led by the Holy Spirit. The fellowship moved to campus and Sunday service began Sunday August 10, 2003 at Tutorial block.

Testimonies, Experiences and Challenges:

First challenge was the reluctance of the mother church to allow us move to campus because our members played crucial roles in numbers and workforce. The wisdom of God however granted the process to be without friction and we continually received support from the mother church in ways they could afford.

Venue for some of our programmes was also a challenge. For a while after the fellowship started, we went to the mother church for our monthly vigils, and “excos’ vigils”. Sometimes we had to use open places for prayer meetings and Bible study. We used tutorial block, URP studio, LH, Motion ground, we kept rotating.


There are several milestones the fellowship achieved among which is the anointing of all altars and strongholds on campus. Authoritatively, the oil from the fellowship is on the crucial places of the campus and we can spiritually control all such places, positions and offices by a “spiritual oil-link”.

Our Testimony

The greatest testimony we have is that God has always been with us and He always revealed Himself to us.
God increased us and led members to us. Initially, as it usually is with start-ups, we had struggles and challenges including financial, but God surprised us.

We were giving some basic appliances from the headquarters for start-up: but our first major breakthrough started with Pastor Adetayo, now an Assistant General Overseer. Though we were a young small fellowship, God gave led us to invite him to minister in one of our campus programs organized for a weekend. Good news, He came in person, he has passion for young ones. He ministered to us and promised us financial aid which he redeemed with a 200 thousand naira cheque. This was breakthrough for us as it gave us financial power to purchase a number of appliances.

God gave us brethren with Character

Character: Love, displayed in unity, friendliness, forgiving, welfare concerns, openness and visitation.

Covenant of Mercy (Ps.89): The fellowship leaders had a retreat at the MFM prayer city in 2004. There the Lord through His spirit established a covenant of mercy with the fellowship. Anywhere two or more members of the fellowship pray and agree on any particular issue using this covenant of mercy, divine answer is guaranteed.

Passion: The fellowship founding members were passionate people, passionate about the gospel, evangelism, discipleship and revival. Members that God gave to us sacrificed a lot financially and even academic commitments for the sake of the fellowship and the gospel.

Discipline: The fellowship maintained a high level of order and discipline. No one broke the ranks. This is also a testimony and evidence that God has always been with us.


Bro Bamidele Peter


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